Letters from a Former Student and His Students ある学生と彼の教え子たちからの手紙

I received lovely letters from 36 children.

I have been organizing short-term study abroad programs for Japanese and American universities for several years through my business, Akari Translations. While all have been lovely groups of young aspiring students, I fondly remember a particular group that came to Maui for about a week in 2016.

It was a rather small group, and 6 out of 7 students were majoring in early childhood education, studying to be school teachers. As I was also a schoolteacher, I shared the same passion, and I arranged a preschool visit for them. They read children’s books to the preschoolers and played with them. 


In 2017, I visited their university in Japan, and I got to see them again. Then I kept in touch with them over social media. 

In 2019, they graduated, and one of them contacted me in 2021. Yuto Adachi has become a second-grade teacher at his local public elementary school. The news made me happy, but I was tickled even more when I heard that he had become a second-grade teacher since I has also taught second-grade at a public school here on Maui. 


Mr. Adachi’s second graders were learning about foreign schools worldwide, so he asked me if I could talk to his students over Zoom about how children on Maui are learning. Besides his class, another second-grade class joined the session, and I got to see many bright and adorable children on the screen. I showed them some photos of Maui and answered their questions. 

The children were intrigued by the differences and similarities for each topic, such as recess, what time school starts and ends, textbooks, wearing shoes inside, school lunch, where they eat, and so on. They had many excellent questions. 


At the end of 2021, I received letters from Mr. Adachi and his 36 students. What a pleasant surprise that was! 

I felt honored to be invited to his class and meet his students whom he is wholeheartedly interacting with every day. Seeing the college students, whom I had the privilege of hosting, moving onward with their lives and dreams fills my heart with happiness. 


I wish him (and all the other students I had the honor of interacting with) all the best, and I look forward to hosting future college groups. 

At Akari Translations, we provide customized short-term study abroad programs for international groups. We will become a liaison between your university and the targeted university. We will not only create customized short-term study programs but also arrange all the necessary details to make each program a successful and life-changing experience.


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