A Call Back from the Other Side あの世からの折り返し電話

A couple of blog entries ago, I wrote about pretending to call my grandma who passed away. 

Well, she called me back. 

Before the "call back," there were a couple of attempts leading up to it. 

For instance, two days after my grandma's funeral, when I was about to fall asleep, I heard her voice calling me, "Akari-chan, Akari-chan," just the way she used to call me. I felt like she was right there. 

To her voice, I responded in my mind, "Grandma?" 

A part of me knew that I needed to stay in the half-asleep space or at the wavelength if I wanted to continue the dialogue, but I guess I had not practiced such skill enough. :-) My mind surfaced, and I fully woke up. I did not hear her anymore, but my heart was warm, feeling her invisible yet continuous existence watching over me. 

Then three weeks after her passing, I had a dream. 

In it, my phone was ringing, and without checking who was calling, I answered. To my pleasant surprise, it was my grandma. She said, "Hi Akari-chan." 

In the dream, I also knew that she had passed away. I excitedly said, "Grandma! Oh, it's SO nice to hear from you. How are you doing on that side?" 

She thoughtfully responded, "Fine, fine," and then playfully said, "I'm starting to understand how things work on this side!" 

My grandma had such a curious mind. She was fascinated to know how things work. If something broke, she wanted to try fixing it. After I came to Maui, she even started to learn some English words on her own from a book! 

I thought that her answer was so her! Her admirable curiosity was intact, and whatever it took her to "call me," she managed to do it! 

I responded, "Oh, I am so glad to hear that." 

She sounded happy and content. I don't remember anything after that, but it was enough. I stayed in bed, immersed in the echo of her voice. 

Then I came to understand that she called me back to my pretend call. She must have seen me calling her and thought, "Well, I better figure out a way to call her back."

Again and again, my heart is full of appreciation toward her and love from her, and my eyes easily fill up because of those feelings. 

Oh, life!






その声に、私は心の中で 「おばあちゃん?」と答えました。 そしてそのまま会話を続けるには、半分眠っているような状態で波長を合わせなければならないと思ったのですが、そういった練習が足りなかったようで、私の意識は浮上し、完全に目が覚めてしまいました。




「あかりちゃん 」とまたおばあちゃんは話しかけてくれました。 夢の中でも、おばあちゃんが亡くなっていることは分かっていました。でも久しぶりにおばあちゃんの声が聞けてうれしい私は、「おばあちゃん!?」と答えました。