From Silver-lining to Blue Bird シルバーライニングからブルーバードへ

With my friend, April

In 20 years of my driving life, I did something for the first time - I purchased a brand new motor vehicle.

I've always liked Subaru Crosstrek, Outback, and Forester. For the past decade or so, I envisioned getting one of them someday. I liked that they are AWD and had high clearance. It helps me to go to the Hana land, which has a steep, unpaved driveway. With my old car, I could not go up the driveway when it rained.

I had always bought a used car, under $4,800 ($500 for the first one, $2,000 for the second one, and a gift for the third one (1986 Mercedes which I loved bad broke down), and $4,800 for the fourth one). This time I decided to get a new car because my old car (almost 200,000 miles) kept breaking down, and it stopped in the middle of a road twice. I was tired of being towed home and keep fixing it.

I looked at some newer used cars (not Subaru cars) with a mechanic, but I could not come to trust those cars. And used Subaru cars were almost as expensive as brand new ones.

So, for the first time in my life, I entertained the idea of becoming the first owner of a car. It was going to be the most expensive purchase to make in my adult life, so it was pretty nerve-wracking. I wanted to know every detail about the cars and the finance/loans aspect, so I did my homework.

To educate myself and compare, I've visited dealerships other than Subaru (and I genuinely considered other makers, too). And I ended up visiting the Subaru dealership on Maui four times before I signed a paper.
Signing several official papers

Each time I visited (with or without appointments), Dayne, my sales representative, did not show me a slight annoyance of "Oh, her again," and patiently answered all my questions. He said, "It's a big purchase, so it's good you're asking these questions." He was very responsive via emails and text messages as well. With all of my questions and concerns answered and addressed, I've made up my mind to get a Crosstrek.

At my fourth visit, Dayne asked me, "Now you know what model you want. What about color?"

"Color? I've been so busy deciding a model; I haven't thought about it. What are the options?"

He showed me a computer screen, and then he pointed at a car that was sitting outside the dealership, waiting to be picked up by a new owner. It was called gray khaki, but it looked like baby blue. I fell in love with it. I knew that it was the color I wanted.

Two weeks later, my car was there all the way from Japan. The day I drove my dream car home happened to be Christmas Eve of 2020. My neighbor saw my car and said, "You must have been really good this year!"

I named it "Blue Bird." When I went to the dealership to pick up Blue Bird, I traded in my old car, a 1999 Honda CR-V named Silver-lining (which did not have much value, but I did not feel comfortable selling to anyone for safety reason).

She and I were together for the past 13 years, allowing me to go places and make memories. It took me to work every day. We went camping. We went everywhere on Maui.

When I went through a sudden, painful divorce from 2011 to 2012, Silver-lining literally held a space for me. I used to drive it out to a neighborhood church cemetery at night, park next to it, and cry my heart out. I had my privacy there and did not have to think about troubling my neighbors with my crying voice. Silver-lining has witnessed me going through the darkest hours of my life; therefore, I had quite a sentiment toward the car. My heart was full of appreciation, and I had difficulty saying goodbye to it. It was my longtime friend.

I cried to let it go.

When I was about to leave the dealership with Blue Bird, I asked Dayne if it was okay for me to visit Silver-lining one last time. He again did not look at me like an odd person and said, "Of course, go, go. It's good to do that."

I walked over to where it was parked, put my palms on its body, and said, "Thank you for safely transporting me to places for the past 13 years. Thank you for holding space for me. You've worked hard for all these years. I treasure our time together." Then I came back to Blue Bird, got in, started its engine, and Dayne stood outside the dealership and saw me off until I drove out of the lot.

I am thankful to my good friend, April. She came to the dealership to be available if I had any questions as I signed all the official legal papers. She had purchased a Crosstrek a few years before me, so her getting it was my inspiration, too. She took all these photos shared on this blog post for my memory. It was nice to have a friend there sharing the moment I said goodbye to my longtime friend, Silver-lining, and said hi to my new friend, Blue Bird. Thank you, April!

I will take good care of this new friend, and I look forward to making new memories with Blue Bird.

----------- (Japanese) -----------

First time sitting inside


私は以前からスバルのクロストレック、アウトバック、フォレスターが好きでした。過去15年ほど、いつかはそれらの車に乗れたらいいなぁと思っていました。AWD(All Wheel Drive)(全輪駆動車)であることと、車高が高いからです。マウイ島の東側にあるハナという地域の、舗装されていない急勾配なドライブウェイは、以前の車では雨が降ると上ることができませんでしたが、クロストレックは問題なしです。

My old car's maintenance/repair receipts (I had up to 2008)

私は初めて、自分が車の最初のオーナーになることを考えました。今までで一番高い買い物になるわけですから、かなり緊張しました。車のモデルや金融・ローンのことなど、細かいところまで知りたいと思いました。そこで、私は徹底的に下調べをしました。 知識と比較のために、スバル以外のディーラーにも足を運びました(他のメーカーも真剣に検討しました)。そして「よし!」と決めるまで、マウイ島にある唯一のスバルのディーラーに4回足を運びました。

私を担当してくれた、営業担当のDayneさんは、訪問する度に(アポイントの有無にかかわらず)、「ああ、また彼女か」というような苛立ちを微塵とも見せることなく、私の質問に根気よく答えてくれました。彼は、「大きな買い物なのだから、あかりのように色々と質問をするのは大切なことだよ 。」と言ってくれました。また、メールやテキストメッセージでの対応も非常に良かったです。私の質問や懸念にすべて答えてくれたので、私はスバルのクロストレックを購入することにしました。





私はクロストレックを 「ブルーバード」と名付けました。ブルーバードを引き取りにディーラーに行ったとき、以前乗っていた1999年式のホンダCR-Vを下取りに出しました。それは「シルバーライニング 」と名付けていました。(「希望の兆し」という意味です。)(車自体に価値はほぼありませんでしたが、個人売買で売るには安全面で人様に売る気持ちになれませんでしたし、下取りで引き取ってくれるというので、例え少額でもそうしてもらいました。)









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