Springing Memories and Waterfalling Appreciation 湧き出る思い出、滝(たぎ)つ感謝の想い 

Sports Day (elementary school)

This morning, my dad emailed me a link to view 426 photos he kindly scanned and uploaded from my childhood (elementary, middle school, and high school years). As I fondly looked at each one, countless memories surfaced like spring water, and when I looked up for a second, I was not sure where I was.

I reminded myself, "I became an adult and am living on the island of Maui." I felt like my childhood was a lifetime ago. Then I used a bathroom; I saw myself in the mirror and felt a fascinating, foreign feeling. I thought to myself, "That girl became this person now," as if I was looking at a neighbor's kid.

Sports Day (middle school)

I was detached from my identity and almost objectively perceived her growth over the years. After the nostalgic feeling evaporated, what was left in my heart's "nostalgia lake" was pure appreciation.

I am here today because of all the people who have touched my life - my family, friends, teachers, mentors, neighbors, and those of whom I don't even know their names. The appreciation overwhelmed me like a waterfall and made me cry as I looked at myself in the photos and myself in the mirror.

After a school event, with classmates (middle school)


With my rhythmic gymnastics teammates (high school)



With one of my best friends, Ekko (high school)



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