A New Beginning 新しい始まり

I started my blog back in 2006.

There was no Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

To stay in touch with my family and friends overseas, I relied on email. I used to think, "Wouldn't it be nice if f there was a platform where I could post photos and write, and my friends and family can go there to see what I'm up to whenever they want?" 

Then I learned that there was this thing called a blog! So, I started one.

Then in 2014, I stopped, not because I wanted to stop. I simply did not have time and could not afford to carve out time. 

In 2014, I made a fairly big decision to leave my full-time school teacher position - a secure income source. (I will write about that time another time.) I started building my own business

For the past seven years, I have put my head down and hustled. Thanks to every mentor, friend, and customer/client, my "then-baby" (a.k.a my business) has been growing. It is like the "baby" is starting to go to a preschool, and I can have a little more time to myself!

Although my business is still growing, and I have a new exciting project coming up (I will announce soon), I finally seem to be able to pop my head out of the water and breath. 

So, I decided to resume my blog. 

Although I didn't plan on it, I feel auspicious being able to start a new thing in this season filled with new lives.

(Photo above is an orchid pot given to me by my student, and it's been flowering every year - a reminder of time and growth.)

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