Ordering Costumes and Saree 衣装とサリーを注文

This week happened to be a week to order my students' Odissi costumes and cotton saree for practice.

Two students who have been studying with me for the past 4, 5 years started wishing, "Someday, we'd like to have our costumes." We felt that the time has ripened to get one. It means a lot to have your own dance attire. One is that it means that a dancer has worked hard to the point and that she/he is committing her/himself to further learning.

I asked one of my teachers, Guru Vishnu Tattva Das of San Francisco, where/how I could get costumes (I got mine more than 10 years ago). Within five minutes of inquiry, one of his students, Mansi called me. I had met Mansi at Vishnuji's class in San Francisco before. She said that his students just placed an order, and I could squeeze in my students' order, too. What great timing! That night, I had a class with my students, so it was excellent timing in that sense, too.

Mansi sent me a measurement sheet. I printed it out and helped my students measure 16 different sections of their bodies. Then they picked two colors. Mansi sent us pictures of saree based on their color choice. Then my students chose the saree they liked. Then the order was officially placed.

Mansi has been the point of contact with tailors in Orissa (or written as Odisha) (where Odissi dance originated) in India for many years. She is from Bhubaneswar, Orissa, and speaks their language, Oriya. We were very grateful for her kindness in letting us squeeze in our order. We kept her up late until 1 am California time. (She wanted to place the order that evening to ensure that the tailors begin working on it to meet the shipping date.) Sorry to keep you so late and thank you so much, Mansi! When I apologized, she wrote back, "I am glad I could help other dancers."

My teacher, Sarala Dandekar's, and Vishnuji' have been sister/brother dance schools, so Mansi is like our "cousins." What a lovely dance cousin she is!

Also, this week, I ordered cotton practice saree for my beginner students from a company called Classical Dance Jewelry. They chose the colors they like. It is fun choosing a color. :-) They will begin dancing in saree!

For me, witnessing my students getting Odissi costumes or saree is like watching my precious children/sisters being wedded. It is touching to see. 

(Odissi dance is a temple dance, and dancers were considered married to gods a long time ago.) (I am not religious, but I respect all religions in the world, and I do believe in the source beyond, behind, and all around us.)

(Mansi just sent me the photos below. Wow, they're coming together!)












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